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A Ground-Breaking New Insect Trap Device that gives you the insect-free life you deserve 

What Would You Do if you’d suddenly find out there’s a device that can help you get rid of those insects that invade your home and bother you and your family?

Imagine a pests-free home. Sounds sweet, right? When summer comes around it doesn’t only bring warm nights and lazy days by the pool, it also brings a swarm of nasty insects that can ruin the mood. 

Katchy is an innovative device that uses cutting edge technology to get rid of all those pesky insects that invade your home and bother you and your family.

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Standard insect repellent products, can be dangerous if they use chemicals that can be harmful to your or your pet. Devices that kill the insects through zapping can also pose a threat to your curious cat or doggo. Natural repellents like different oils can be also toxic for your furry companions. You need a device that is both efficient and safe. 

How does it work? 

Katchy features a strong suction fan that traps the insects inside and special sticky boards that glue the insects on the bottom of the device, without any possibility of escape. Silent and efficient, Katchy is a great solution for all your insect problems around the house.

How to use

This game-changing gadget uses 3 phases to completely remove all those annoying bugs, fruit flies, mosquitoes or gnats.

First, it uses a UV light lamp to attract the flies, then the reversed fan creates a suctioning airflow that traps the insects inside the device.

Once inside, the pests get glued to the sticky board where they die. It uses no dangerous chemicals and no electric zapping!

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Michael L.

I did a little research and found a study done at University of Florida that found mosquitoes are attracted to UV light, so I decided to give this thing a try. The instructions say to set it up in a small, dark room with no people or pets but, being one to not follow directions, I first set it up in a large, well lit room with several people and I was pleased to find, after about 2 hours, 1 mosquito and 3 noseeums. I then moved it to my bedroom and left it on all night. In the morning there was another mosquito and 2 more noseeums. Most importantly I wasn't tormented by that pesky mosquito! I was under the impression that there was nothing to do about noseeums, they couldn't be caught or trapped. WRONG!!! The Katchy does get 'em! I'm immensely satisfied and highly recommend this trap. It's on my gift list for family members in Florida

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Dale W.

This is hands-down one of the most effective ways of getting rid of flying pests I’ve ever used!The machine is easy to clean, and the refill boards are super easy to switch out. I can’t recommend this enough!

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Kim Tennison

Extremely impressed. Just ordered another unit. I needed something to control fruit flies. Really wanted to avoid the bug spray insecticide if it was possible. Tried this device along with a half dozen of the liquid traps. Score: Liquid bait traps =0, the Katchy insect trapper: over a dozen fruit flies the first day. Yay!

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Ann D.

Working great so far! I needed it mainly to catch the house flies that are plaguing our kitchen as the weather is warming up, but we have fruit fly/gnats too so I figured if they didn’t catch the house flies at least we’d get the little ones. There are 7 house flies in it right now! I’m so far pretty satisfied.

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Seen enough?

The problem

With pests, nothing is safe, fruit flies gather around your fruit bowls or platters and can contaminate the food, gnats attack your potted plants and can do a lot of harm as they multiply and create a bad environment in which your plants can’t thrive. And let’s not get started on those itching insect bites…

The solution

We know what you’re thinking, but owning such a life changing device doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. 

It’s surprisingly affordable for the benefits it can bring. With a price of only $39.79, it’s way less costly than other similar devices that cost more than a $100 or even up to $250.

Our Insect Trap

We truly believe our Ground-Breaking New Insect Trap Device will be the one that gives you that insect-

free life.

It's called the Katchy — A brand new type of insect catcher. It works perfectly for clearing your

home of all those annoying & dangerous flying pests!

It's ultra-stylish, very easy to control and it can clear your home of mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats and


What sets us apart? 

  • Powerful suction fan and efficient glue boards

  • Safe for pets & kids, no zapping,no harsh chemicals

  • Modern sleek device, portable

  • Quiet mode, no annoying buzzing sound 

  • Weak fans, don't trap effciently the insects 

  • Not completely safe, using electric zapping or dangerous chemicals

  • Bulky design, does not blend in with the furniture

  • Loud fan, makes a disturbing noise

Born out of a love for new technology and years of studying animal behavior, we combined these two passions to develop and design sleek and innovative insect traps that are safe for the family, pets and the environment. KATCHY’s clean, decorative designs blend seamlessly with existing decor while effectively eliminating annoying pests to create a peaceful, soothing indoor atmosphere.


What insects does Katchy work on?

Katchy is designed to trap and kill effectively mosquitoes, bugs, fruit flies and gnats.

How does the device charge?

You can easily charge Katchy from any power outlet or power bank. The device comes with a

power cord consisting of an USB cable and adapter.

Does the product come with glue boards or are they sold separately?

Each device comes with 4 sticky glue boards included but they can also be purchased separately from the seller in 8 packs.

 How many settings does the fan have?

The fan has two settings, low and standard. The low setting is quieter, while the standard setting means that the fan works more powerfully.

Does is work with the lights on?

The room needs to be dark and empty of people for the trap to work the best, because that is when the UV light is best visible to the insects.

Is Katchy Safe to use around children or animals?

Yes. Katchy is completely safe to use in the house even if you have pets or babies. The device does not use any dangerous chemicals or electric zapping. It’s 100% non-toxic.

How many times should I use Katchy to see results?

For the best results, we advise you to use Katchy at least 3 consecutive nights. You can leave it turned on during the whole night or just for a couple of hours, per your preference.

Get Katchy Insect Trap today! 

Try it and if you don't feel satisfied, you will get your money back. No risks involved.