Indoor Insect Trap FAQs

Every question you have about how to get rid of gnats, catch fruit flies, and kill mosquitos with the Katchy’s Indoor Insect Traps.


What bugs do the Automatic and Manual Insect Traps catch?

The UV Light in the Katchy Insect Traps attracts fruit flies, gnats, moths, and mosquitos. The traps do not catch large house flies. 

What’s the difference between Katchy Automatic Insect Trap and Manual Insect Trap?

Katchy’s Automatic Insect Trap automatically turns on at night whereas the Manual Insect Trap has to be turned on by hand. The Automatic Insect trap will automatically turn on when the room is dark enough and turn off again when it’s bright. Both the Automatic and Manual Insect Traps get rid of gnats, kill mosquitos, and catch fruit flies!

Are the Katchy Insect Traps loud?

Nope! Our Katchy Insect Traps emit a whisper-quiet fan noise to seamlessly get rid of gnats.

When should I use the Katchy Insect Traps?

Our traps work best at night! The UV Light can sometimes be hard for insects to see in a brightly lit room. We recommend running your Katchy Insect Trap at night in a dimly lit space to get rid of gnats, fruit flies, mosquitos, and more!

How are the Katchy Insect Traps powered?

The Katchy Insect traps are powered with a USB power cord and a 120V adapter. It is not powered by batteries and must be plugged in.

What size room will the Katchy Insect Traps work in?

To best get rid of gnats, our effective coverage area is 320 square feet. Larger spaces will require more Insect Traps.

How long can the Insect Traps run for?

The UV light works best in the dark, so run these at nighttime for best results. The Katchy Insect Traps can run all night to get rid of gnats, catch nighttime mosquitos, and kill annoying fruit flies.

How do I get rid of gnats in houseplants?

Place your Katchy UV Light Insect trap near the source of your gnats or fruit flies in your home whether it is the trashcan, fruit basket, or your favorite houseplant. 

Why does the light flicker or switch while running? Is my Insect Trap broken?

Nope! The UV light switching its brightness is normal. Our UV lights operate between wavelengths of 365 to 395 nm, the UV light can change its brightness according to the environment it’s placed in. 

Does the light burn out in the Katchy Insect Trap? Will I have to replace it?

No! The blue light does not need to be changed. Should your Katchy Automatic or Manual Insect Trap stop working after consistent use, contact us! If this happens within a year, we will replace the trap for you so you can continue to get rid of gnats.

How do I clean my Katchy Insect Trap?

The Katchy Insect Trap can be wiped down with a damp cloth. For small spaces or vents consider using pressurized air to blow out dust. 

How long is the power cord for the Insect Traps?

The USB power cord is 42 inches long.

How many glue boards come with the Insect Trap?

Both the Automatic Insect Trap and the Manual Insect Trap come with 4 Glue Boards to rid your home of rids, fruit flies, mosquitos, and more!

Are the Insect Glue Boards or Insect Traps made in the US?

Our products are manufactured in China in a factory that is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). On all of our packages, there is the EPA establishment number and the address of our manufacturer. Our traps comply with US safety standards in environmental and electronic safety categories.

Can the Katchy Insect Traps be used outside?

No, none of our products are suitable for use outside. Our traps are specially designed to get rid of gnats, catch fruit flies, and kill mosquitoes in your home.

How often should I run my Katchy Insect Trap to get rid of gnats?

As frequently as you need it! At first, you may find that you need to run your Automatic Insect Trap regularly to get rid of your gnats and other bugs. As your bug problem decreases you may only need to run it at night. 


Automatic Insect Trap

How many speed settings does the Automatic Insect Trap have?

The Automatic Insect Trap has one speed setting. 

Can the Automatic Insect Trap be set manually as well?

Yes! The Automatic Insect Trap can function both as an automatic insect trap as well as a manual one. The Manual Insect Trap, however, can only be set manually.