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★★★★★ 10000+ Customer Reviews

Katchy Bug Insect Trap

  • Powerful suction fan and efficient glue boards

  • Quiet mode, no annoying buzzing sound 

  • Modern sleek device, portable

  • Powerful UV Light



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Standard insect repellent products, can be dangerous if they use chemicals that can be harmful to your or your pet. Devices that kill the insects through zapping can also pose a threat to your curious cat or doggo. Natural repellents like different oils can be also toxic for your furry companions. You need a device that is both efficient and safe. 


Debbie B.

I have been using Katchy Bug for several months. I love this trap! I have used many other traps to catch those pesty gnats that invaded my indoor plants. Now, I don’t have to worry about another gnat infestation! Katchy does just what it’s name implies, “katches” all of the flying insects in my home. They don’t stand a chance!!

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Heather G.

If you have a fruit fly problem this is your answer! In the past I’ve been unsuccessful or otherwise annoyed trying other methods. This trap really works and I’m so curious how it would be in situations where there are other annoying pests like mosquitos. For $45 I got the trap and some extra sticky disks. Just changed my first disk after a week and literally counted 100+ fruit flies on it! I don’t even know where they’re coming from, gross! Don’t hesitate to get rid of your problem, this does the trick!

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Savannah R.

I live in the south and we have an issue with gnats every year!! So I decided to see how this would go. I think it has helped but I do need to get another for the kitchen. I would recommend it. Also, the customer service is on point. I contacted them through Facebook and they were incredibly helpful with any questions I had!!

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Ann D.

Awesome, absolutely awesome. Prior to using this amazing product, working at my kitchen sink was very difficult because fruit flies swarmed your face. Now I find myself free to work without being bothered by those little suckers. I would never have believed it, if I hadn't experienced it myself. During the day time, a few show up but after a night those are gone too. No more spraying that awful smelling insecticide around, no more money down the drain because it would appear those little suckers do not live here anymore!

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Seen enough?

What’s the secret that makes Americans fall in love with Katchy?

Katchy features a strong suction fan that traps the insects inside and special sticky boards that glue the insects on the bottom of the device, without any possibility of escape. Silent and efficient, Katchy is a great solution for all your insect problems around the house.

This game-changing gadget uses 3 phases to completely remove all those annoying bugs, fruit flies, mosquitoes or gnats.

First, it uses a UV light lamp to attract the flies, then the reversed fan creates a suctioning airflow that traps the insects inside the device.

Once inside, the pests get glued to the sticky board where they die. It uses no dangerous chemicals and no electric zapping!

30 day no-questions-asked refund 

We want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy from Katchy. And if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase we will refund your money in full, or exchange the goods. All we ask is that you contact our customer services and then return the Katchy Insect Trap back to us.


What insects does Katchy work on?

Katchy is designed to trap and kill effectively mosquitoes, bugs, fruit flies and gnats.

How does the device charge?

You can easily charge Katchy from any power outlet or power bank. The device comes with a power cord consisting of an USB cable and adapter.

Does the product come with glue boards or are they sold separately?

Each device comes with 4 sticky glue boards included but they can also be purchased separately from the seller in 8 packs.

How many settings does the fan have?

The fan has two settings, low and standard. The low setting is quieter, while the standard setting means that the fan works more powerfully.

Does is work with the lights on?

The room needs to be dark and empty of people for the trap to work the best, because that is when the UV light is best visible to the insects.

Is Katchy safe to use around children or animals?

Yes. Katchy is completely safe to use in the house even if you have pets or babies. The device does not use any dangerous chemicals or electric zapping. It’s 100% non-toxic.

How many times should I use Katchy to see results?

For the best results, we advise you to use Katchy at least 3 consecutive nights. You can leave it turned on during the whole night or just for a couple of hours, per your preference.