Fruit flies and gnats bugging you? What about pesky mosquitoes that won’t buzz off? Eliminate these unwanted guests once-and-for-all with Katchy - the ultimate insect-trapping solution.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to help our customers Katch relief from pests in a safe, environmentally-friendly way. From our sleek Black Supernova model, to our Auto Magic bug-slaying superhero, all of our traps are thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly into your space.

How It Works 

Instead of using electric zaps or harmful chemicals, our unique trapping solution sends out a strong ultraviolet light to lure in pests. Once enchanted, our flying foes get trapped on a sticky glue board for all eternity, (or at least until you clean the trap). For the best results, use Katchy at night when bugs are especially drawn to its brightness.



The Buzz on Katchy

Recently, there’s been some serious buzz that KATCHY might be the best around. Since our start, our superior bug catchers have been featured in Elite Daily, Travel + Leisure, and Country Living. So yeah, we’re kind of a big deal. 

So, that’s the deal. Quit bugging out over bugs and get Katchin’ with Katchy - the ultimate pest-trapping solution. 
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Some of Our ‘Flyest’ Reviews


A must have!!!

“I LOVE IT!!! It’s definitely getting the annoying flying buggies sucked in & stuck in!” 


5.0 out of 5 stars 

United States, July 24, 2021 


Bugs be gone!

I've owned this product for 10 months and am amazed each time I change the sticky trap. I originally purchased it to help with the gnats from my house plants but it is also great at catching all of the mosquitoes that find their way inside.”

The Geary Family 

5.0 out of 5 stars

United States, July 6, 2021


Bugs beware: Don’t cross the Event Horizon.

“​​This gadget works great and caught 8 flying critters the first night. Love the automatic mode that turns it on when it’s dark. If you have flying insects that aren’t paying rent, this thing will catch and dispatch them like a bug-hungry black hole!”


5.0 out of 5 stars

United States, June 27, 2021