We like to keep up with the times and seek out new technology to replace traditional, outdated or old-fashion materials and methods. We select devices to make life easier and more enjoyable, purchasing soothing lighting, bluetooth speakers, or smart appliances to fill the need. At KATCHY, we believe eliminating annoying insects from your home or office should be no different.

Born out of a love for new technology and years of studying animal behavior, we combined these two passions to develop and design sleek and innovative insect traps that are safe for the family, pets and the environment. KATCHY’s clean, decorative designs blend seamlessly with existing decor while effectively eliminating annoying pests to create a peaceful, soothing indoor atmosphere.

Utilizing technology in a humane, environmentally-friendly way, each KATCHY indoor insect trap provides a safe, effective solution to in-home pests. Each trap is designed to eliminate flying insects such as gnats, mosquitoes and fruit flies without toxic chemicals, harsh odors or hazardous electric zappers.