KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap: Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito Killer

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Katchy is an innovative device that uses cutting edge technology to get rid of all those pesky insects that invade your home and bother you and your family.

This game-changing gadget uses 3 phases to completely remove all those annoying bugs, fruit flies, mosquitoes or gnats.

First, it uses a UV light lamp to attract the flies, then the reversed fan creates a suctioning airflow that traps the insects inside the device.

Once inside, the pests get glued to the sticky board where they die. It uses no dangerous chemicals and no electric zapping!

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Michael L. Funk
United States
It catches mosquitoes and noseeums

I did a little research and found a study done at University of Florida that found mosquitoes are attracted to UV light, so I decided to give this thing a try. The instructions say to set it up in a small, dark room with no people or pets but, being one to not follow directions, I first set it up in a large, well lit room with several people and I was pleased to find, after about 2 hours, 1 mosquito and 3 noseeums. I then moved it to my bedroom and left it on all night. In the morning there was another mosquito and 2 more noseeums. Most importantly I wasn't tormented by that pesky mosquito! I was under the impression that there was nothing to do about noseeums, they couldn't be caught or trapped. WRONG!!! The Katchy does get 'em! I'm immensely satisfied and highly recommend this trap. It's on my gift list for family members in Florida

United States
Best bug catcher!

This is hands-down one of the most effective ways of getting rid of flying pests I’ve ever used! When I bought it almost a year ago, I would let it run pretty much all day long on the lower “silent” mode and it caught all kinds of bugs. Now, I say “silent” in air quotes because you’ll still hear an electric hum but it almost reminds me of a white noise machine - you get used to it after a while. But don’t expect it to be truly silent. There’s also a pleasant blue glow from the machine on that setting, which acted as a sort of night light when I’d have it on as I slept. The “strong” mode is a much louder hum, but it isn’t annoying or too loud. It’s accompanied by a purple glow. I packed this away during the colder months and thought for sure it would be a dud when I got it out of storage this year, but I was happily wrong and it still works just as good as it did when it was brand new! Both modes are effective at attracting and trapping bugs, but the strong mode is definitely a winner when you need to rope in a bigger “catch” (I’m talking about those annoying houseflies and mosquitos). The machine is easy to clean, and the refill boards are super easy to switch out. I can’t recommend this enough!

Dale W.
United States
Beautiful, Quiet, Functional

Have had mine for 1 day. Extremely impressed. Just ordered another unit. I needed something to control fruit flies. Really wanted to avoid the bug spray insecticide if it was possible. Tried this device along with a half dozen of the liquid traps. Score: Liquid bait traps =0, the Katchy insect trapper: over a dozen fruit flies the first day. Yay! If you're on the fence about purchasing one, maybe this will help. This is a very elegant looking device. Yes, I know that may sound silly considering what it's function is, but really, you could easily place this anywhere as a work of art! It is beautiful to look at. Very well made too. The attractant light built into the top has a beautiful soft glow to it and the mode selector buttons have unobtrusive orange led indicators. It is very quiet. I'm running mine off a USB hub with the included cord. Also comes with a a/c power adapter with a USB outlet. The glue discs are SUPER sticky and fit into the bottom. This is a very nice device. I am very pleased with it.

S S.
United States
Taking care of our fly problem

Working great so far! I needed it mainly to catch the house flies that are plaguing our kitchen as the weather is warming up, but we have fruit fly/gnats too so I figured if they didn’t catch the house flies at least we’d get the little ones. There are 7 house flies in it right now! I’m so far pretty satisfied. Will leave it on overnight and see what else we get!

United States
This works!

I bought a $10 cheap one off ebay and it showed was worthless and ended up broken within 1 day. So I decided to get this one instead to see if a real one performed any better. In less than an hour it already had a few bug in it. after about 10 hours (going into night time) had about 20 bugs. Perfect. It fairly quiet (wish is was a little more quiet) but doesn't bother us. We have been running it each day and it continues to suck up bugs.. so great buy! Also, I tested the watt pull and its roughly 3watts which means you can run this for a full year straight and (in california) would cost about $7.. for the full year. So we are going to run this non stop! wish it was cheaper for just catching bugs, but dude, this works! I stuck it near a indoor plant that seems to always have little bugs on it, and all were gone in about 20 mins. Need to get another one for a different part of the house. A+