Every Brilliant Solution You Need to get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Home

Indoor Mosquitos Bugging You?

Picture this: the year is 2021 and you’ve spent most of your time indoors, likely in the comfort of your own home and in front of a computer screen or TV. Your once sweet shelter has become both your heaven and hell due to the sheer amount of time spent in it. 

If you’re lucky, it’s large enough for you and your co-habitants to have separate quarters, but chances are you’re craving some additional space, be it in the form of alone time or a giant backyard to lounge in.

Did this strike a chord with you? Hold on. It’s only going to get slightly worse.

You have home invaders of the insect type.

They’ve miraculously appeared out of nowhere and let themselves in (so rude) and brought their friends and family with them, too (even ruder!). Did someone list your home on a mosquito accommodations website? Like the annoying habitants they are, the mosquitoes gather around all parts of your home but seem to make it a point to get especially cozy in areas you frequent. Their favorite haunts include the dining table, your kitchen counters, and the lamp by your bedside if you’re particularly unlucky. 

In other words, your home now has a mosquito infestation as if a global pandemic wasn’t enough. 

Looking to get rid of mosquitos without needing to do too much work? Try an indoor mosquito trap to get the job done! 

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos in Your Home

Quick Fixes to Eliminate Mosquitos

So, how do you get rid of these pesky mosquitoes in your house? There are a few quick, DIY solutions that you can try to kick these buggers out. But before we jump into those, let’s start off with some quick fixes that are certainly worth trying.

1. Fix Screens and Doors 

    This one might be obvious to you, especially if you’ve been dealing with a mosquito infestation for a while. Go through your home, take a close look at each window and door, and search for any gaps that could potentially serve as an open-invitation. Even the slightest tear or space between a door to the outdoor world could mean trouble and is worth attempting to fix before breaking out the big guns.

    2. Check for Breeding Grounds

      Ugh, sounds awful right? Unfortunately, these buzzy creatures might be populating their own colony right between your eyes. Pay close attention to any collections of water (caused by AC units, dripping hoses and drains, and undetected leaks) as mosquitoes love moist environments. Fun fact: it’s where they lay their eggs. RUN!

      3. Get Rid of House Plants (or get mosquito-repelling plants)

        I know how it sounds. Get rid of the oxygen-producing, green beauties that you’ve kept alive all these months or even years? Before you scroll down, you should know that mosquitoes are also attracted to the water in or around plants. Some plants are more likely to hold more water than others. Fortunately, there are some mosquito-repelling plants that you can get instead such as rosemary, basil, lavender, marigolds, and many more.

        Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and have a few different options when it comes to doing away with insects like mosquitoes, ranging from repellents you can DIY at home to electric mosquito traps.


        Woman looking in kitchen cabinet for at home mosquito repellent

        At-Home DIY Mosquito Repellents Worth Trying

        Each of the following solutions can be quickly and easily executed with items you likely already have around the house or can buy from the grocery store. They also don’t require extensive time to set up, so you can go back to Netflix-and-chilling on the couch in no time. They’re non-toxic and don’t involve killing these innocent (though annoying) creatures, either. If you’re hoping to avoid chemical use altogether, keep reading for a surprise.

        1. Lemon Slices and Cloves

          This one is super easy and requires essentially no effort. Slice up the lemons, stick the cloves inside, and keep them on a plate or an open jar in the affected area(s) and watch the mosquitoes disappear. The oils in citruses repel them, so you can also try this with oranges, basil, lavender and other citrus.

          2. Beer and Alcohol

            If you’re willing to sacrifice a can of beer to solve your pest problem, this might be the way to go. Mosquitoes hate the scent of beer and other types of alcohol; pour some beer into a glass, leave it in the affected area(s), and watch the suspects flee the scene. As much as you may want to crack open a cold one as a reward, you may want to reconsider as your sweat will react chemically with the alcohol and attract them to you. 

            3. Cinnamon Oil

              Last but not least, this homemade concoction mixing ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon and 4 oz of water is a fantastic natural mosquito repellent. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto yourself, areas of your home, and even plants. 

              The Magic of UV Mosquito Traps

              If you’re serious about getting rid of mosquitoes, or these solutions just aren’t working out for you, there is another option that has a proven track record of serving up mosquito massacres. Consider investing in a quality mosquito catcher like Katchy.

              Katchy: The Ultimate Mosquito Trap

              Katchy is the go-to indoor UV mosquito trap on the market. 

              Do UV Mosquito Traps work?

              Interestingly, yes! With the Katchy mosquito trap, UV light enhances the effects of heat and carbon dioxide (mimicking a person’s breath) in a mosquito trap. Then, it lures mosquitoes in and traps them, sticking them to a glue board with no chance of escape. 

              Pretty genius, right? To get the most of your use, run these bad boys consistently and place them strategically in areas where mosquitoes typically swarm in your household. Give it about three days to lure in mosquitoes and be amazed, thrilled, and even cry some happy tears when you realize they’ve miraculously vanished. This trap will be your secret weapon to catch mosquitoes. 

              How do you use Katchy?

              1. Activate at night
              2. Place closest to the trash can, outdoor area, fruit bowl, or wherever you see the most bugs
              3. Give Katchy 3 days to work its magic
              4. Remove old glue board and properly dispose
              5. Take glue board and remove protective layer to expose sticky surface
              6. Place sticky side up
              7. Continue using Katchy as needed

              Final Thoughts

              While mosquitoes are never fun to deal with, there are at least a few different routes you can take to get rid of them depending on the severity of the situation. Remember to start with the quick fixes to catch pesky mosquitos before moving onto other solutions. For longer-lasting results, the Katchy UV light bug trap is sure to work wonders against mosquitoes and other insects in your home.


              Contributing Writer: Madeline Collins