5 Aesthetic Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

As you’re scrolling through Instagram, you might have noticed your friends posting about their new kitchens. Sparkling countertops clear of clutter. Containers holding their cereals aesthetically placed in white cabinets. After double tapping, you might look up and start to see your mail cluttered on the counter, gnats flying around the fruit bowl, and dirty dishes stacked in the sink. 

It’s not too late to start organizing your kitchen. Not only will you be able to post your dazzling kitchen to your followers, but it will be more functional while you cook. You’ll never have to worry about dealing with a pot of boiling water while trying to find ingredients ever again. 

Here are 5 tips to aesthetically organize your kitchen! 


Tip 1: Storing Food in Containers

Your pantry and cabinets might be very cluttered with bags of food all over the place and you might have had some spills along the way. In order to avoid having sugar or chips spilled all over the place, you might want to start storing some of your essential foods and cooking products into sealable plastic or glass containers

This will keep your food from going stale too quickly. The containers can also act as decor on the counter or look amazing stacked in your pantry. If your kitchen has a gnat problem, containers will help because with the food sealed and safe, gnats will stop being attracted to them. To go along with your containers, you can get an indoor insect trap to get rid of the gnats flying around while you’re cooking or stay away from your fruit bowls.


Tip 2: Label Your Containers

When you’re making cookies, you don’t want to accidentally put salt in instead of sugar, you would have to start all over and that’s a pain. Don’t forget to label your containers, so you know what everything is. You can get chalkboard stickers and a chalkboard marker to label. When you are switching out food in the containers, you can easily wipe away the chalkboard marker and re-label it without having to deal with peeling the sticker off and glue residue. The stickers will look very elegant all together in your cabinets or pantry. 


Tip 3: Divide Drawers Into Sections

You might be finding yourself rummaging through your drawers trying to find what you need. It’s time for you to go through your drawers and put in dividers. Dividing the inside of your drawers will help you to be able to visualize what is inside your drawers. You can divide eating utensils, spice containers, tea bags, cooking tools, and so on. You’ll never find yourself running around trying to find what you need while cooking or having trouble closing your drawers ever again. 


Tip 4: Counter Space

When keeping things permanently on your kitchen counter, it’s important to be thoughtful about how you’re using that space. You don’t want to put so much stuff on your countertops that it starts to look cluttered. With that said, you’ll still want to have everything out that you always need while cooking. 

If your appliances match with your kitchen color scheme, it would be a nice choice to store them on the counter without having to worry about moving them before or after cooking. In addition, you can put a tray out with all of your frequently used cooking utensils and spices for easy access. 

While cooking, you might have noticed gnats flying around your trash can or kitchen compost container. That can get really frustrating while cooking and you don’t want them to get in your food. You can keep an indoor insect trap on your counter that will get rid of your gnat infestation, while still keeping your counter looking stylish. 


Tip 5: Breathing Space

As you are going through your kitchen, get rid of the expired food you might have in the back of the pantry and donate sealed food items that are still good to a local food bank that you won’t be using. When you are organizing, you don’t have to fill every cabinet and drawer to the brim. Leave some breathing room in-between containers and other items. All of your food and cooking items will look very aesthetically pleasing while avoiding that cluttered look. 

Getting Started

When organizing your kitchen, break up your kitchen into sections. Maybe, start with the first three drawers and then move to transferring your food into containers. Of course you want to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, but you want to make sure that it is practical and functional for how you utilize the space. With that being said, you’re good to go to start organizing your kitchen. You’re going to feel so much more productive when everything in your kitchen has a place and you can cook the meals you desire easily. 


Contributing Writer: Madeline Collins