12 Places To Use Your Katchy Bug Trap

Blog Written by Katchy.

House bugs are small creatures that can be seen in your house and always come back. These unwanted guests not only cause annoyance but can also make you sick. The good news is that there are ways to combat them effectively using the best indoor fly trap, Katchy.

Katchy is an ultraviolet fly trap that emits UV light to attract all manner of house bugs. It uses a proprietary UV light bulb to attract insects. Therefore, it is an effective indoor pest control when it is dark.

The beauty of Katchy as the best indoor fly trap is that it can automatically power on when it's dark. Once the house bugs are attracted to the UV light source, they are trapped inside an inbuilt fly glue trap. Check out what Katchy can do for you and where you can use it:

1. In the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the main attraction for house bugs. Therefore, you need to start your indoor pest control by ridding yourself of insects in the kitchen. The common household pests include fruit flies, whose diet consists of food scraps and vegetable peels. How to get rid of fruit flies is a common question asked by house owners who are overwhelmed by fruit flies.

The primary measure is keeping your kitchen clean and removing any fruits. Additionally, you can get these pesky insects gone by installing a Katchy fruit fly trap. You can also use it as an effective fly trap to catch fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, etc.

2. In the Laundry Room

Another place you have to check for house bugs is your laundry room. The primary reason behind this is that insects like places with dirty clothes. Therefore, as a laundry room has dirty, damp clothes, it is a perfect breeding ground for house bugs.

Moreover, insects like mosquitoes are also attracted to the laundry room if there is stagnant water around. To remove these unwanted guests, use Katchy as an indoor fly trap in your laundry room to catch houseflies quickly and easily. You can also install UV light bulbs as mosquitoes are attracted to UV light.

3. In the Bathroom

If your bathroom is dirty, dark, moist, and cramped, then it's definitely a haven for all kinds of pests. It is the perfect place for mosquitoes and fruit flies to breed. Therefore, it's important to keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

Mosquitoes can carry diseases like the Zika virus and spread malaria. The best defense against mosquitoes is using a Katchy indoor fly trap in your bathroom.

4. In the Bedroom

According to Sleep Foundation, the amount of light in your bedroom will affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, to ensure that your body produces enough melatonin to induce sleep, your room should be dark.

Well, it is quite paradoxical that house bugs such as mosquitoes also thrive in dark rooms. Therefore, ensure you use the best fly trap to protect your sleep. You can use a UV mosquito trap as a possible solution.

If you have gnats, particularly biting gnats, a gnat trap would be handy to catch these tiny house bugs that can be a living nightmare.

5. In the Living Room

The living room is another place that attracts house bugs. It is a conducive environment for pests because they have hiding places. Your furniture and appliances create an ideal hiding space for potential house bugs.

To ensure that you have a bug-free living room, install a Katchy indoor insect trap in your living room. Remember, it is an automatic fly trap, so you can set it to automatically turn on when it's dark.

6. Cleaning Storage Areas

Another place for house bugs is storage areas or spaces where you keep your stuff in boxes or piles. As these pests love dark places with lots of stuff to lay eggs and breed, finding abandoned storage areas would be a great place to look for house bugs.

The good thing is that you can also use Katchy as an indoor fly trap in your storage areas. You can also use a bug zapper or bug zapper light. Additionally, just install bug light bulbs and see how they will be attracted to their death.

7. In the Basement

The basement is always damp and dark. Therefore, you need to make sure it's completely free from clutter and boxes piled up haphazardly. You can also use a Katchy fly trap or an indoor bug zapper to get rid of houseflies in your basement.

8. In the Garage

Garages are typically cluttered and provide shelter for house bugs like cockroaches, mosquitoes, wasps, etc. To clean up your garage and eliminate these pests, use Katchy as an effective indoor fly trap that can catch many kinds of insects. Additionally, you can use other pest control solutions to get rid of cockroaches and larger insects.

Katchy is multipurpose indoor pest control that can be used in all kinds of places, not just inside your 'home'. Here are some ideas for non-traditional places you might use your Katchy.

9. In a Home Office

The advent of COVID-19 changed how people work. One such change has been working from home (WFH), whether through telecommuting or freelancing. Many people have set up home offices.

The enclosed nature of having a home office means these pests can breed anywhere if left unchecked. Thankfully, with the Katchy indoor fly trap, you can get rid of gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitoes. Keeping these insects at bay will leave you productive and less stressed.

10. In Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs are establishments that come to life at night. Worthy of note is that they're typically dimly lit places that attract these bugs. Whether you own a bar or club or work in one, it's really important to keep the flies away. Flies spread bacteria, and that spread illness and disease.

You can use a Katchy fly trap or other bug zappers to kill mosquitoes, gnats, and fruit flies in commercial spaces

11. In Restaurants

While you may have your own fly traps to maintain cleanliness, Katchy is an attractive restaurant option. It uses all-natural ingredients that are safe to use around food preparation areas. Installing UV light bulbs will ensure that your guests have a comfortable stay at your establishment.

12. In Hotels

As a traveler, you may have to stay in the hotel for more than one day. There are many reasons why staying in hotels can be less than satisfactory.

One of them is that there are lots of insects infesting your rooms. Often the hotels don't have good fruit fly traps to keep pests away from your room. Therefore, you always need a Katchy indoor fruit fly trap with you wherever you go, whether traveling for business or pleasure.

How does an insect light trap work?

An insect light trap emits ultraviolet (UV) light at a certain wavelength that is attractive to insects. Insects are drawn to the UV light source, thinking it is the sun, and they fly towards it.

Once they get close enough to the ultraviolet bulb, they fly into a funnel-shaped capture device through holes in the sides of the trap.

The insect cannot fly out of this funnel because once they are in, they fall into a glue board tray located at the base of the trap. This is where the insect stays until you are ready to dispose of it.

What bugs are attracted to UV light?

UV light fly traps attracts mosquitoes, moths, fruit flies, gnats, and many more flying insects.

This makes them more effective than traditional bug zappers, which attract all kinds of insects, some being beneficial to your yard. Further, UV light bulbs are more subtle and humane at eliminating house bugs compared to bug zappers that are much more noticeable as they literally shock the bugs to death.

Are UV lights safe?

UV light bulbs emit a safe level of radiation that is barely felt by human beings. Therefore, they have been approved to be used in home environments with children and pets.

The light wavelengths, intensity, and the color of UV lights are all attractive to bugs - which is great for pest control. UV lights emit frequencies that are almost perfectly matched to attract certain types of insects.

Depending on where you live, you might have flies, moths, gnats, fruit flies, and other insects that are more inclined to fly towards UV light source. As most insects like being in dark places, UV light is often their only source of light.

A good thing about these trapping devices, which emit light waves at a specific wavelength, is that they draw in certain types of insects without harming others – making them more effective than traditional bug zappers that kill anything that comes near.

How long do the glue boards in insect light traps last?

It would be best if you didn't change the glue board frequently. This largely depends on how regularly you use the trap and how many insects are being caught. The more insects that are trapped, the faster the fly glue trap will become full. If you notice that dead insects are not sticking to the glue pad, then it is definitely time for a new one.

The Lowdown

Katchy indoor bug trap is the best fly repellent because it is safe, humane, and effective for your family, pets, and business. Katchy uses all-natural, nontoxic ingredients. They are also easy to use, with no need to replace or refill anything constantly.


Contributing Writer: James Robert Scott